NDR - Vintage Bentley Specialist

1927 Bentley 3/4½ Litre Vanden Plas Bodied Speed Model

All the hard work has been done on this delightful 3 Litre Speed Model. Press the starter and go. No small amount of money has been spent on this to ensure that you can enjoy proper vintage Bentley motoring.
The original Vanden Plas body you see here was actually fitted in 1935 to replace the coachwork by Carbodies of Coventry. Saloon coachwork on Cricklewood Bentleys was rapidly going out of fashion when the cars were less than ten years old and this vintage Bentley is an example of that change in fashion. Contrary to myth, rumour armchair experts, pipe smokers and owners of tweed jackets with patches at the elbows, there were less saloon bodies changed in the 1980's than at any other time.
This Speed model has a continuous ownership history from new. Being from the final year of 3 Litre production she benefits from all of the continually developed improvements by the Bentley works including the fitment of the lower geared 4½ Litre steering box for easier manoeuvring.
The subject of a beautifully detailed restoration, preserving this Vanden Plas body by a very decent marque specialist 16 years ago, she has subsequently had a complete engine rebuild by NDR to 5.3 Litre capacity including the fitment of Phoenix crank and rods as well as fitment of the increased capacity fuel tank as fitted to the 4½ Litre Bentleys and is further equipped with an overdrive, making long distance travelling a delight.
So matching numbered, continuous history, beautifully presented and ready to go,