1930 Bentley 4½ Litre Tourer

A very nice late Tourer which has had just two owners in the last sixty years. Having been correctly stored and hardly used for the last twenty five years in a small collection, we carried out the relevant mechanical and safety inspections and have a very nice, correct driving vintage Bentley.
Inspection and history checks show that this Bentley has had low ownership from new, is matching numbered and has the D type gearbox.
Smooth and comfortable on the road with good handling and a delightful gearchange this Tourer would be a delight to drive on a long journey.
We are often asked if they are all green and whist this one isn't you can always talk to us about any cosmetic changes if you feel so inclined.
The market is divided between those who prefer the Le Mans style and those who prefer the long wing tourers. It is purely a matter of choice, but either way a vintage Bentley is a great way to enjoy thoroughbred vintage motoring.
With everything checked over the road test consisted of a 400 mile round trip for a Yorkshire motoring event, 200 miles of which was in the dark. So the pictures show her with hood up on a chilly day and she performed exactly as one would wish.
Proper vintage Bentley stuff.