1922 3/4½ Litre


An original 3 Litre short chassis vintage Bentley which we remember here being owned for thirty years by a hugely enthusiastic fun loving Bentley character who also owned a 6 1/2 Litre for many years.
Subsequently purchased nine years ago by another Bentley diehard, the cheque book was released from captivity. Being rather tired (Bentleys are robust, but not indestructible) the decision was taken to give her a new lease of life as a competent, fun all-rounder.
To buy a short chassis 3 Litre today and commit the time, cost and effort which has gone into this Bentley would not be for the faint hearted, nor for the cost conscious.
The work carried out includes a fully rebuilt engine with 5.3 cylinder block and Phoenix crankshaft and rods - synonymous with Bentleys for the last 35 years - Vanden Plas style coachwork with drop dead gorgeous wings, retrimmed by a highly experienced vintage Bentley artisan and fitted with a new hood and tonneau.
Highly capable of keeping up with modern traffic and suitable for vintage events and tours in the UK and abroad, when normality returns, this is a sensibly priced proper vintage Bentley which you can go and have fun with.
A proper Cricklewood Bentley ready to be enjoyed on the open road.
Pictures will follow shortly, but if a driver's car appeals to you, with all that hard work done then give us a call.