1924 3 4½ Litre Speed Model. £295,000

A real surefooted and great fun car to drive. Book your next rally event now.
A genuine Speed model delivered by the works in 1924.
It is thanks to a combination of the robust engineering of the Cricklewood works and the enthusiasm and camaraderie of the Bentley Driver's Club that this Bentley survives today.
That such enthusiasm, affection and respect has continued for over 90 years since the factory doors were closed at Cricklewood for the last time is remarkable.
The Bentley boys, the Bentley Blower, the events at Le mans, have had probably everything said, written, or made up that could be told. But the vintage Bentley today exists because of those enthusiasts who awoke cars from their slumber after the war. From the late 1940's to the early 1960's enthusiasts shared their knowledge, found parts, and gave a helping hand to keep the spirit of the Bentley alive. Yes, it is called the Bentley Drivers Club and with good reason A well sorted vintage Bentley is as exhilarating and engaging to drive today as it was in its heyday.
Traceable right back to the signing off at Cricklewood in 1924 this Speed model was purchased by a young student in the early 1960s. This was a 17 year old who owned a Bentley in an age before premier league footballers.
The enthusiasm of like minded Bentley folk put what would have been the normal tired example of the time back on the road. In case you haven't quite grasped it yet, these were the people who were responsible for bringing back the golden era and put Bentleys not only back on the road but back on the track.
So to return to subject. The resurrection of this vintage Bentley kept it alive for another thirty years, whereupon a new custodian carried out further work and expense to keep her alive for another thirty or so years..
Today we have that 3 litre Speed model presenting beautifully with no shortage of recent mechanical attention by a very skilled Bentley technician. Stuart Fearnside has driven, raced, maintained and rebuilt vintage Bentleys for over thirty years and was entrusted with the mechanical work on this vintage Bentley. the engine is to 4.5 litre capacity with Phoenix crank and rods. Completed less than 1000 miles ago this work has been carried out with exacting detail and we have a proper sporting Speed model Bentley, suitable for road or rally events in the true spirit of vintage Bentley motoring.
Presenting well, driving well and with a sound history this is a great value vintage Bentley.