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1926 Short Chassis 3 Litre Tourer by Vanden Plas

With Spring in the air - and when it stops raining- we shall be pressing this charming 3 Litre into service. Whilst not in any sense a homage to Le Mans, she is a very original short chassis tourer with spacious coachwork by Vanden Plas. Therefore we can load her up with friends, family, food and dog and have fun. She is absolutely on the button and drives as sweetly as one could ever wish for with a surprisingly good turn of speed and beautiful road manners. Beautifully finished in period soft pale grey with contrasting blue wings.
Having changed hands once in the last seventy years, this short chassis 3 Litre has impeccable and continuous history from new and, retains all of her numbered mechanical components. The coachwork is the original as specified in 1926.
Fondly referred to as Aunty Ethel, this vintage Bentley has been maintained regardless of cost with all the important hard work done. And it shows. To drive this tourer is to experience a Bentley as it was in period which is exactly what the last owner wanted.
WO Bentley wrote in his autobiography that his customers particularly enjoyed driving the 3 Litre Bentley from point to point across country and this tourer lives up to those words. In fact, having taken some photographs of this one we set off and did just that.
Aunty Ethel is a captivating, homely vintage Bentley in lovely order which is evocative of the period and engenders a tangible fondness from onlookers.
In addition to all of the above, this is the finest value original short chassis Bentley on the planet and nothing comes remotely close.