NDR - Vintage Bentley Specialist

1929 Bentley 4½ Litre Le Mans

In excellent condition since a complete rebuild 10 years ago this four and a half litre drives beautifully. The paintwork and trim are in lovely order and the original engine has been rebuilt with a Laystall crank and shell bearing rods. All this hard work carried out by a long standing owner and devotee of vintage Bentleys, so it is no surprise that on the road she is everything one could hope for.
On the road this very well sorted vintage Bentley is smooth and powerful with very sharp handling and a delightful D type gearbox.
press the starter button and she is ready to go and is easily capable of undertaking any long journey or event, or for the more adventurous would be a sound contender for one of the more arduous motoring events where Bentleys excel.