1930 Bentley Speed Six

The ex Stanley Mann Speed Six, built by the Bentley guru, racer, dealer and renowned enthusiast in the late 1970’s for the purpose of racing. By the time the project was finished and the budget, such as it was, considerably exceeded and with the finances being somewhat tight - Stanley was around 30 years of age at this time - an offer from a gentleman who walked in was most welcome. Owned and toured by that gentleman for 28 years, Stanley sold the Speed Six again, only to repurchase it in famously recorded circumstances. She had a full refurbishment and the engine rebuilt with Phoenix crank and rods - Stanley’s favourite as this worked so well on the race circuit.

In splendid condition with a lofty driving position and effortless performance, this Speed Six has had regular runs across the continent and been much enjoyed among a collection of vintage Bentleys.