NDR - Vintage Bentley Specialist

1930 Blower Bentley


In conversation about vintage Bentleys on topic is sure to arise. The Blower. Controversial in its concept, outrageous in its performance and charismatic in its stance it has attained an iconic status. The mastery of a Blower Bentley exceeds the returns of taking a modern supercar to its limits. The delivery of raw power, an exhilarating noise and enjoyment of robust engineering combine to provide a visceral experience.

This particular Blower has provided its owner with over 20 years of such experience and has been used extensively at home and abroad with maintenance carried out by the team here at NDR.

We are delighted that the enthusiasm and admiration for the Blower Bentley continues unabated and we are certain that this example will not be here for long.

For all enquiries about the Blower Bentley, whether specific to this example or not, contact us.