NDR - Vintage Bentley Specialist

1932 Bentley 4 litre Saloon.


Thrupp and Maberly body 11'2" chassis.
Matching numbered, original body, but as exciting as watching paint dry.
The accountants were running the company by 1930 and it was decided to buy in a new 4 Litre engine from engineering company Ricardo rather than produce their own engines.
The power to weight ratio was awful, fifty cars were produced and the factory doors were closed for the last time.
A vintage Bentley is about the parts designed by Mr. Bentley and assembled in the Bentley works and those last fifty cars were not what he wanted. But he had no choice.
Within no time independant Bentley specialists set about removing this mis- matched engine and retro- fitting (as we say today) proper Bentley engines.
So you can make the choice exactly as owners did in period, live with it as is, or have some fun.