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1932 Bentley Speed Six Le Mans Replica.

One of the last four Bentleys produced by the Cricklewood works.
The fitment of the four litre Ricardo engine to the last fifty Bentleys which were designed for an engine of twice that capacity was the final chapter in Cricklewood history. The accountants were running the company and felt that a smaller engine, purchased from an outside supplier would compete with the Rolls Royce 20/25 and save on development costs.
The marriage of engine and chassis was not harmonious with the excellent Bentley product now being woefully underpowered.
Within a short time former Bentley employee Lewis McKenzie was already removing the 4 Litre engines and fitting 6 1/2 Litre and 8 Litre units in this excellent chassis.
Amazingly our car survived in its entirety, although with dilapidated coachwork, for over fifty years until being fitted with a Speed Six engine with all work carried out by the late Tony Townshend. The saloon body was replaced with 2 seater coachwork and this has been subsequently replaced with the more practical 4 seater Le Mans style body.
The result is a fine long distance touring Bentley with a continuous history. In splendid order throughout this charismatic Bentley is surprisingly agile for such a big car having the 11'2" wheelbase which was the shorter of the two lengths available when new.
Not to be confused with discarded 1950's Bentleys subsequently fitted with the Rolls Royce B81 tank engine and dressed for the party, this is an original Cricklewood Bentley, traceable to its roots, enhanced with the fitment of a correct 1930 Speed Six engine - number LR 2780 - in itself a valuable commodity, replacing the only non original Bentley item as fitted by the works in 1931.
A pure vintage Bentley experience and a magnificent touring car.