NDR - Vintage Bentley Specialist

1926 Vanden Plas 3 Litre Speed Model.

A very original 3 litre Speed model with coachwork by Vanden Plas.
Truck manufacturer Edwin Foden was a big Bentley fan, owning at least two 3 Litres a 6½ and a 4 Litre.
Chassis LT1592 was delivered to the Foden works at Elworth Cheshire in December of 1926 with engine LT1592 which is the engine still fitted.
United by engineering interests, Edwin Foden and WO Bentley were on good terms and much of the service and warranty work was carried out by Fodens as detailed in the service record. The relationship was such that a chance remark by Edwin Foden resulted in the production of the 4½ Litre engine in 1927.
With a continuous ownership history from new and in the hands of one of those owners for 60 years, LT 1592 retains her numbered components from the works in 1926. In summary, an original bodied 3 Litre Speed model which is matching numbered and bristling with originality which has been in continuous use. since December 1926
We were fortunate enough to deal with the charming Bentley couple who owned this one for 60 years. Used on a phenomenally regular basis LT1592 was always preserved, never restored, Newer cars came and went, children arrived, grand children arrived and the old Bentley saw it all.
When asked if it was still used for long journeys the owner splendidly replied
"Not so much these days, I'm 90 now, so we tend to use the 911"
No pipe and slippers in this household.
Originality doesn't mean concourse and the preservation of this Bentley means, delightfully, that much of the original leather remains and the whole affair has that air of age which is often described as "patina".
Starting on the button and tonking along in proper 3 Litre fashion this is a charming and engaging old Bentley with lovely history.