NDR - Vintage Bentley Specialist

1929 4½ Litre Le Mans.

This handsome 4½ Litre is a very well known Bentley for all the right reasons.
With its purposeful stance, broad shouldered radiator and rugged good looks, matched to strong. solid performance this Bentley was described by a passer by as an absolute prop forward of a machine.
Matching numbered and with a continuous history, this very distinctive vintage Bentley is in excellent mechanical condition which has been owned by some very enthusiastic members of the Bentley Drivers' Club. In fact the last custodian has owned more vintage Bentleys than anyone else on the planet so he really knows his stuff. Absolutely on the button and ready to go.
The history file, which is scholastically documented, shows just how much real motoring enjoyment you can have in one of these. She entered the Firle hill climb in 1949, competed at Silverstone in 1952, the Ghent speed trials in 1973 to name but a few. Subsequently she has crossed continents, deserts, and battled with Range Rovers at Waitrose and is up for every motoring adventure you would wish to undertake.
Originally delivered with a 2 seater "Doctor's coupe" body by Vanden Plas, this coachwork did well to stand the ravages of time until the mid 1960's, when it was purchased by renowned marque expert Tony Townshend who restored her with the high quality body she wears today.
Ever the car for great adventures, she pulls like a train and rides in proper Bentley fashion with a very powerful engine producing immense torque, and a 3.3:1 differential for unstressed long legged touring.
This is a proper vintage Bentley with lots going on - fold flat windscreen, aero screens, driving lamps, dashboard to die for, a soul stirring exhaust note and all in tip top mechanical order.
In splendid condition, with that charm and charisma which we all wish we could carry with age.
A terrific all rounder and just as you would want a vintage Bentley to be.